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A person from Melbourne is set to appear on the embattled Ten Network’s flagship youth-orientated news programme ‘The Project’ tonight in what’s been described as a ‘massive departure from format’.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate via a wireless telephone as he rode the tram into town, up-and-came Peter Helliar said he was excited to welcome the up-and-coming Melbourne comedian onto the show tonight.

“Can’t wait to have Sam Boing on the show tonight,” yelled Helliar.

“I didn’t actually get to see his show at the International Comedy Festival, I greened out on the 96 and woke up to the tram driver kicking me off somewhere in St Kilda. But yeah, I’ve heard good things,”

“Like Sam Campbell, the Barry Winner, but without all the gorillas and huge bottles of milk. Sam is working his way up to a semi-permanent spot on The Project. Wouldn’t that blow Lisa’s socks off! Hi-ho! What was I saying? Everybody is looking at me. Oh, wait. Tune in tonight, we’ve got somebody from Melbourne on the show who has sold out a room before so make sure you catch it.”

Then line then went dead.

The Advocate reached out to Mr Boing’s management but his mother said her husband wasn’t back from the shops yet and to try again later.

More to come.



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