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Supermarkets across the Top End are empty because of flooding in South Australia and Queensland.

The floodwaters have cut roads and washed away train lines, leaving the NT Government to ask the Feds for help.

Speaking in Darwin this morning, the Territory’s leader Michael Gunner said it’s time for the Federal Government to step in and use any means necessary to make sure the many boat ramps in Darwin don’t turn into wet markets.

“Look, the last thing we need is for Nightcliff boat ramp turn into a wet market with people selling bootleg fish,” he said.

“This bloody Covid came from a wet market, we don’t need one taking off from here. Anyway, we need some assistance and it’s Monday now so the Federal Government is back in the office so we’ll be calling them all morning until someone answers.”

Unbeknown to Mr Gunner, the Federal Government has already heard the calls for help.

Earlier today in our nation’s capital, the under-siege Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters that his government was ready to intervene in the situation.

“The, uh, Federal Government, is, uh, not going to let the people of the Northern Territory go hungry, uh, we are going to intervene in the, uh, situation in the Northern Territory and make sure they, uh, have enough food,” he said.

“Oh, and, uh by intervene, I mean we will be rendering assistance. In the least racist way. We will be providing assistance to them all, top to bottom. From Darwin, right up the top, to Katherine and Alice Springs. We will be giving them all assistance,”

“Once again, we will not be intervening in the Northern Territory, we will be assisting them. By flying in C17 Globemasters full of Great Northern cans and processed meats. Enough yeast, flour and sugar to make bread. We will not let you down, again.”

More to come.


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