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For those who can afford to fly in the front of the plane, and not eat food that was prepared in 2009 then snap-frozen only to be reheated 14 years later at 40000 feet, the launch of fabled Sydney chef Neil Perry’s new in-flight menu on Qantas was met with medium to large fanfare today.

However, the event was marred by an unfortunate incident where Perry’s iconic ponytail got snagged in the door.

It took ground crews and technicians nearly an hour to free Neil while the airline’s boss, Alan Joyce, looked on with concern.

Members of the media invited to the launch, including a reporter from The Advocate, were ushered away into the premium economy and put behind the grey curtain.

“Jesus Christ, Neil,” said Alan.

“We might have to cut it off. Mother Mary, can you still cook without it?”

For the next few moments, the flight crew wrestled with the door while technicians on the outside tried to shimmy it open.

“The hair is stuck in the mechanism,” a muffled voice said from outside the plane.

“Whatever you do, don’t pull Neil’s head. We’ll get it open.”

Alan, with his ear to the door, only heard that he had to pull Neil’s head and it’d open.

So Alan pulled on Neil’s head and a sharp yell rang out down the fuselage and he was free.

His iconic ponytail still in the door.

More to come.


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