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Science continues to spit in the face of God this week as they announce that Millennials and generations younger will probably have to suffer the indignity of living to be 120 years old.

That means people under 30 are looking at spending close to 40 years of retirement, providing science is only focusing on sheer longevity and not quality of life.

It’s a terrifying prospect for lots of youngsters around the country who don’t have rich parents, one of them being French Quarter student Rachael Segar.

The 28-year-old masters student said she can’t afford to spend 40 years of her life retired and will probably have to take up smoking to fight against science, she says.

“Can you imagine being old for 40 years? Like not just having a bad knee or something, like being proper old. Like you can’t go up and down stairs. Or having to trade in your golf clubs for a bad of hybrids. Put a fucken fork in me, I’m done,” she said.

“Do we have a choice? Like can we opt out? I’m doing a Masters of Arts. I can’t afford to live to be 120. Even if Labor wins the next election,”

“What do the children of people who aren’t rich have to look forward to? Honestly. I don’t know? A life of indentured servitude to property investors?”

“I don’t know who to blame? Or if anyone else except me is to blame for what my life is?”

More to come.


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