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Images of Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt getting his brain scanned by a top secret government device earlier this month have emerged today and they suggest the Victorian has an IQ of 36.

For over a year now, Australians have had their brains scanned by special gun-shaped devices as they enter public places such as hospitals, schools, aged care facilities, airports and many more.

However, this is the first time the results of a Cabinet Minister’s brain scan has been captured and leaked to the media.

Nearly all IQ classifications indicate that a person with an IQ lower than 60 would demonstrate a severe and profound mental disability, which groups within the government indicate that these images are in fact fakes.

“Anybody who knows Greg Hunt knows that his IQ is at least 110,” said a Health Department official to The Advocate.

“Any suggestion that Greg Hunt has an IQ of 36 are extremely false and incorrect,”

“He might be one of the smartest people in the room, someone who has to put up with people above him who are grossly-under qualified in their job.”

The Federal Government has said an investigation has been launched into how the images got out and have refused to provide further comment on that investigation for the time being.

More to come.


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