A local pool water purity specialist named Jimmy Recard is actually not very fun to be around, despite the expectation that comes with his name.

Recard (33) has never once had glasses raised to him as though he was the king of the bar, in fact he doesn’t really go out that much.

“I’m more into gaming” he says.

“And not Fortnite or any of those games you are thinking about, I’m more of a PC kinda guy. Still love getting down to some StarCraft”

These revelations come as a stark contrast to the first single released by Australian Hip Hop artist, Drapht, taken from his third album, Brothers Grimm.

The song, titled “Jimmy Recard” received airplay on radio stations across Australia, and has been praised for it’s confronting lyricism.

It is regarded as one of the most fervent and important Aussie Hip Hop tracks of the last two decades, due to it’s unflinching subtext, which discusses a contrived sense of identity for Australian males in the years immediately following the invasion of Iraq.

The single reached #10 on the 2008 Triple J Hottest 100.

However, a mere conversation with an man actually named Jimmy Recard is quick to undermine the whole premise of the song. If anything, Jimmy’s is far from the man of the millennium. With ladies rarely swinging their bras at him.

“It happened once” he said.

“But they were aiming for the stage. It was at Nickelback concert I went to with some of my cousins in Hillsong”


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