In some genuinely surprising news from Betoota Heights this afternoon, it’s been revealed that a local man is actually smarter than the entire medical and scientific fraternity.

This comes after the man who gave himself a mad tattoo after highschool, revealed that ‘coronavirus doesn’t actually exist.’

Todd Ferris explained that fact again in his latest Facebook post, where he insinuated that global pandemics are manufactured every time there is an election – without explaining which elections they were and whose political interest they are in.

“Mate, masks are mind control devices,” said a fired-up Todd to The Advocate today.

“Um, sorry I’m not that keen on blindly subscribing to Bill Gates’s agenda and doing everything the government tells me,” continued the man who is instead following what random people on the internet tell him.

Those comments which are backed up by a raft of information from the internet has lead to confirmation that Todd is actually more across epidemiology and public health than any of the medical professionals who have dedicated their entire lives to the field.

“I guess everything I know is a lie,” sighed one resident CSIRO researcher this afternoon.

“I wish I didn’t spend my adult life working on something that Todd figured out after a few YouTube videos.”

More to come.


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