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Friends of Joshua Blade-Morgan say he’s a bright young man – which is why he often collects all the facts before making his judgement.

“That’s why I guess he’s so apathetic toward those UberEats cyclists,” said one pal.

“He understands we live in a vapid, soulless and capitalistic world that’s wholly dictated by the almighty dollar. Which is why he often feels empathy for the shocking, disgusting work environment that these poor UberEats delivery people are subjected to,”

“But at the same time, he couldn’t give a flying fuck about them because each time he uses the service, they either fuck the order up or it’s late.”

Nodding in agreement as we read those quotes back to him this afternoon, Joshua said that’s exactly how he feels.

Like many Australians, he’s read about the developments regarding UberEats and their nigh-on-criminal business ethics and how they’ve been referred to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) – but he says he understands were Uber is coming from.

“I really want to feel for these cyclists and restauranteurs, I really do,” he said.

“But look, if they don’t get here in time, if they get lost or if my food shows up cold, they’ve defaulted on their end of the contract,”

“That’s my opinion. Get my food here hot and on time? I’ll help you burn down city hall for better work conditions. You fuck my dinner up? You’re on your own, Jose.”

More to come.



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