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In a seemingly kind and helpful exchange, a local girl has today declared that her other friend looks good in a photo – leaving many to wonder if she thinks this might be a rare thing.

“You should definitely post this one” Kat tells Jen.

However, Jennifer doesn’t appear to take offense, to the bewilderment of their neanderthal male friends who were eavesdropping on the conversation.


Katrina Horsecleft, of South Betoota, says noticed how good her close pal Jennifer Greaseman looked on the weekend, especially her hair, so she decided to take a few snaps from afar so Greaseman would have something to Instagram.

“That’s how it works,” Horsecleft told our reporters.

“Mystery solved. But we all do it for each other, boys take pictures of fish and other boring shit like that. Honestly, we don’t care about your flathead, we want to see how badly you’ve let yourself go over winter. Pictures of you,”

“That’s about the truth of it.”

However, that tried and tested method can come unstuck when there’s more than one subject in the picture, says Greaseman.

The 28-year-old took time out of her hectic Tuesday afternoon to explain to The Advocate that if there are two people in the photo and they both look good, deciding who gets to post it can easily drive a wedge between friends.

“We take or thinly veined narcissism seriously,” said Greaseman.

“Basically, the rule is that everyone needs to sign off on a picture before it goes live and deciding who gets to post it is also up for discussion,”

“But if someone looks a bit how ya goin [sic], that’s typically grounds for a reshoot at the very least. But having friends like Katrina around to take pictures of you when you’re looking your best is just invaluable to the cause.”

More to come.


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