Staring at the TV with her arms crossed, local woman Nicole Jordan is displaying some clear signs of agitation – much to the confusion of boyfriend Nick, who’s unsure why he’s copping the silent treatment from his girlfriend.

However, if Nicole was really telling the truth that nothing was wrong and he wasn’t to worry, she wasn’t doing a very good job of convincing him.

Nonetheless, after asking twice if something was the matter only to hear ‘everything’s fine’, Nick has no choice but to believe her or to accept she wasn’t in the mood to tell him.

However, this quick acceptance has resulted in Nicole doubling down in her fury, which can be felt emanating through to the adjacent kitchen where Nick is preparing a snack.

As he settles down onto the couch with an array of buttered up Cruskits, he wordlessly hands the biscuits to Nicole’s outstretched hands before rummaging around for the remote control. But as he finds the Motocross channel, the atmosphere is heightened by the full force of Nicole’s glare turning to him – which was really just her way of broaching the subject whilst simultaneously diverting his attention away from the tv.

“Alright, what’s wrong?”

Finally hitting the magic number three, Nick discovers the reason for the silent treatment was because he’d rolled away from her while they were sleeping and she thought the ‘vibes were off.’

More to come.


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