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The Victorian Government has finally updated the travel information for Victorian residents currently unable to come home due to travel restricitons with Greater Sydney this afternoon.

Premier Dan Andrews spoke to the media this morning in Melbourne, where he explained that Victorians stuck in Sydney have two options now instead of just one.

“Victorians who are unable to travel home due to the travel restrictions should either wait it out or get really fucken good at tennis,” he said.

“Those who are found to be world-class tennis players, they will be allowed in no questions asked. Maybe some light quarantine but that’s about it. But if you are shithouse at tennis, you need to just park your arse and wait for me to allow you to come home naturally,”

“Are there any more questions?”

Several journalists then raised their hands to which Dan just nodded and said, ‘OK, no questions. Thanks,’ and walked back into the Victorian Parliament.

More to come.


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