The commonly-held theory that Arnott’s could see just as much, if not more, success by releasing an assorted cremes-sized packet of only Monte Carlos has been confirmed in a new report by the Biscuit Industry Cooperative Commission Into Enjoyment (BICCIE).

The findings show an undeniable mountain of evidence that suggests the Monte Carlo is by far the most superior Australian biscuit.

Named after the iconic biscuit city in Southern France, Monte Carlo biscuits are an Australian sweet biscuit that have been manufactured since 1926 – with consistent consumer growth in relation to the growing Australian population.

As a cream biscuit, each biscuit comprises two biscuit layers sandwiching a creamy filling, while many such biscuits are moulded to a design both sides of the Monte Carlo biscuit are rough. The biscuit layers have a mild taste of golden syrup, honey and coconut, and the cream layer consists of a vanilla flavoured cream filling surrounded by a thin toffee-like coating of raspberry jam.

Lead researcher, Professor Ima Bicihogg says while Kingstons and Gaietys posed a significant threat to the iconic tea biscuit, there was still a notable margin between first, second and third place – when it came to Australia’s favourite biccie.

“Tim Tams obviously weren’t included in this study due to their dessert-like coating and ability to be enjoyed without a tea”

“However we still feel they would be met with a stiff competition with the Monte Carlo”

The data on Orange Cremes found that while they were still a popular biccie, they simply did not compete with their peers in the assorted cream packet.


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