One of the sussest blokes in Australian parliament has today continued to attack Twitter for ‘censorship.’

George Christensen has slammed the private media company Twitter for its permanent suspension of Donald Trump’s account, claiming that the attempt to stop their platform from being used to incite violence is driven by a desire to censor one of his idols.

The man dubbed the Member for Manilla has asked for legislation in Australia to limit the power of social media giants, so he, and other sensationalist politicians desperate to cling to their salaries, can continue to spout misinformation without any checks and balances.

Christensen says he’s concerned about censorship here in Australia, with people in power limiting the spread of information – like the time he stopped information from a police probe into his travel and behaviour being released to the public.

“That’s different,” said the Queensland MP who is particularly cagey about what he gets up to on his overseas trip for some reason.

“The public has the right to information about important events and public figures – including information that’s publicised as true but isn’t.”

“Except for when it concerns what I do. Then that’s not fair and the public’s right to information should be censored.”


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