18 October, 2016. 12:01

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FROM NEXT JUNE, FIREARM license holders in Queensland and New South Wales may be required to have a tattoo of the Southern Cross constellation on their face to make them more easily identifiable in public.

In the interests of public safety, urban gun owners are staring down the barrel of having their appearance permanently altered so police and ordinary members of society can quickly spot them and act accordingly.

Speaking to the Senate earlier today, Greens leader Dr Richard Di Natale said that guns have no place in built-up areas and those who feel the need to live in a city and own a large calibre rifle need to face certain sacrifices.

“Gun owners pose a serious safety risk to the general public,” said the former general practitioner.

“While we aren’t attacking those with a genuine need for a firearm, like primary producers and park rangers – we are taking action against gun advocates.”

“By making city-dwelling gun owners have a Southern Cross face tattoo, we are preventing gun crime by making people aware of the potential presence of a firearm. The government defines a city-dwelling gun owner as somebody who owns a firearm, but isn’t a farmer – thus having no real reason to own one.” he said.

Gun control advocates have praised the plan, saying that making gun owning Australians easier to identify in public is a step in the right direction.

Milo Cunningham from Liberals Against Guns spoke to The Advocate earlier this afternoon.

“Pretty much every primary producer these days has a firearm, but they’re almost all unregistered and off the books,” he said.

“The only people who need a firearms licence now are people who love guns – and that’s simply unAustralian these days. By branding these perverts with a face tattoo, we’re making sure another Port Arthur doesn’t happen.”

However, many urban gun owners have lashed out at the government for even entertaining the prospect.

After being asked to calm down three times, Banyo firearm owner Greg Tucker said he was “getting a fucking face tattoo over his dead body.”

“Just because I already have three Southern Cross tattoos already doesn’t mean I’m gunna get one on my face,” he said.

“You’ll have to shoot me.”


  1. I agree and I also propose that at the same time all gun control proponents have a target tattoo on their foreheads, just so that Apex gang knows whom to target.

  2. You have to be kidding, I’ve never hear such a load of garbage as this hideous idea so the gun owners are to become the target, sometimes I just wonder about the ideas people.


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