Local Gosford-based construction site manager, Brucey (54) played one glorious game of football for North Sydney Bears in 1988.

Alongside the likes of Les Kiss and Jason Taylor, Brucey could have been a world beater, but the politics of the club, and a few poorly looked after injuries held him back.

Every single person that has ever worked with Brucey can tell you the ins and outs of his couldabeen career playing rugby league, the greatest game of all – but this week, it’s all coming out again.

“Really, they’ve got a team like the Storm floating around the comp? No juniors, no grassroots? But they let the Bears fold to the dogs”

“What a joke! What’s the point? They need to break the law to actually win a match down there. It’s a fucking joke”

17-year-old Vinnie is a new apprentice on the new development that Brucey is overseeing just south of Erina Fair, he actually wasn’t aware of the bosses brief stint in the spotlight as a winger for the red and black – but he definitely knows about it now.

“I feel like he didn’t care If I already knew or not” says Vinnie.

“He was going to give me the run down either way”

Vinnie got it all. From Brucey’s close relationship with the great Bruce Walker, to his brief dabble with glitz and groupies – while also being made aware that the game is just not the same.

The fact that Brucey’s famous league stories keep getting trotted around for the last thirty years has made him a minor celebrity in the local construction game, with just about every tradesmen on the Central Coast of New South Wales familiar with the rise and demise of the former-future rugby league great.

He also has a great 10-point plan to save the game of rugby league, starting with moving the defunct Bears to the Central Coast.


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