A former golden boy from one of the district’s most exclusive selective high school in Betoota Heights has today popped back up in everyone’s life at a 15 year school reunion.

It appears the former school captain, sports captain, Sir Joh House captain, and music captain, Declan Harcourt (33) hasn’t really done much since his peak… Which was in the early 2000s… When he was school captain, sports captain, Sir Joh House captain, and music captain.

While Declan says he’s been playing around with cryptocurrencies, former classmates can see past his shield of funemployment.

“He was dealing pingers for a bit, like five years ago” said one former alumni, Katie.

“How grim is that? A real fall from grace if you ask me”

It is believed that family and friends became aware of the decline in Declan’s overachieving around the time he suffered a rotator cuff injury during a first grade cricket match after school.

This was followed by him dropping out of a law degree, which was fully paid for on scholarship, to go travelling across Europe.

Four years after that he was back living at home, after only just discovering marijuana at 23 years of age – after spending his earlier adult years sneering at anyone who touched stuff.

At time of press, Declan was showing former classmates his new microdosing DMT vape he ordered from the dark web.


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