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As the world grows increasingly hostile and the cost of living skyrockets, many people are left wondering how the fuck they’re expected to retire at some point, or what kind of world they’ll be leaving their children. Especially as house prices, rent and now petrol have gotten to such a high price, you may as well tax the air we breathe.

This year alone has seen petrol prices reach an alarming $3 in some areas which has prompted even more people to turn to public transport and making it virtually impossible to board a train early in the morning – and that’s if it’s not affected by floods or a strike. Or if you live in Brisbane, random track work around the clock.

Exhausted by pandemics, wars and now just the emotionally and physically taxing cost of everyday living, office workers are enquiring whether working from home may be the best idea moving forward. At least that way, they’re making full use of the exorbitant rent they’re paying.

The Advocate chats to a couple of commuters from the grove to learn more about this development.

“Yeah I pay around $270 a week for my studio a bit out of town”, says a local agency worker, Ted, “which sounds alright for a one bedder, but now I’m forking out a fuck ton to get to and from work everyday too.”

Another frustrated local says her work refuses to even offer a hybrid work model, which makes no sense given she has an autonomous role.

“It’s fucking stupid, I don’t have to be there. Just let me work in my pyjamas all day.”

It’s unknown if the current world events will have any impact on the future of work or if we’re on fast track for an ‘eat the rich’ revolution, but only time will tell.

More to come.


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