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A report into the spicy cough that’s completely fucked this year and the next one or two coming has found that Victoria has had the last laugh after completely erradicating the virus from the state.

Just was economic damage this erradication has caused remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the lives of thousands of Victorians and Australians alike have been saved due to the course of action undertaken by Victoria’s defact leader, Dan Andrews.

Mr Andrews has been criticised by the NewsCorp media and on social media, cars, motorbikes, Eureka flags and assorted heavy vehicles over his handling of the pangolin curse disaster – some more fair than others.

But as Victoria becomes only a handful of places around the world to completely removed the Hubei Spicy Lung from society, it’s arguably the only place in the world to make such an epic turnaround.

A few short months ago, Victoria was letting the team down.

They were awash with this super flu and their selfish actions in letting it spread looked to fuck everything for the rest of us in Clean Australia.

Full credit to them for turning it around. They’ve had the last laugh.

More to come.


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