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The town of Dubbo in Central New South Wales has been classified a COVID-19 hotspot today after the town librarian’s nephew contracted the virus in New York City.

Craig Paterson moved to the Big Apple just over two years ago to do something he could’ve done in Brisbane if he wanted – he just needed to get out.

His Auntie Daphne has been working at the Delroy Campus library for a hundred and six years – and is a favourite among the many generations of box-headed South Dubbo youths that’ve checked out and returned her books late over the years.

Never the less, the family is concerned about Craig’s health moving forward as professionals such as Dr Norman Swan say this virus can fuck you right up – even if you’re a real piece of shit like Craig is.

And Queensland is also concerned.

Speaking to the media this morning in our state’s moron-infested south-east corner, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said her government wasn’t about to take any more risks than they needed to.

“This is why we have the border closed,” she said.

“To protect against cases that fly under the radar such as the one we saw today in Dubbo. No, this border restriction will have to stay in place until after the election when opening it might not cost me my job. Lord knows I need the help of Queenslanders who don’t live in Indooroopilly this time around!”

The news comes as the New South Wales Premier Glayds Berejiklian declared that her state was COVID-19 hotspot free, meaning there’s little reason why Palaszczuk needs to keep punishing their tourism operators any more.

But as Dubbo is now a COVID-19 hotspot, it seems Premier Berejiklian will have to eat her words.

More to come.


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