Local girl, Vita Ryan (27) has posted roughly 1,452 images to Instagram over the last four years, but none as special as today’s.

After travelling for the last year, the aspiring PR professional returned home to her native Wollongong only to be blessed with the best weather anyone has seen a long time – pretty much since she left.

It’s almost like Wollongong was doing it just for her. At least that’s what her social media upload suggested.

“After close to 13 months wandering around looking for sand, sun, surf  (and cocktails!😂😂) – I couldn’t have asked for a better view to return home to…” her caption reads.

It’s funny how sometimes we travel the world looking for picturesque views, but really there’s nothing like home. Thanks for turning it on Wollongong! ❤️☀🌊💦🔥

While many of her followers appears puzzled by her very public conversation with geographic locality, social media experts say that thanking a beach or harbour for turning it on is not a new thing – and is most prevalent with people returning home after a long stretch of wanderlust, or alternatively young girls that want to remind everyone that they have actually moved to Bondi.



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