Scott Morrison has this morning moved to put an end to the super debate.

Speaking to The Advocate, the PM revealed that he’s got an easy solution for people concerned about the long term state of super in this country.

“Um heard of something called an inheritance?” said the boy from Bronte to our newspaper.

“Or a trust fund?”

“Maybe stop expecting someone else to pay for your retirement in the form of raising super, and pay for it yourself by inheriting a property portfolio, or a single property at the very least,” he continued.

This comes after two former Prime Ministers in Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd came out yesterday to demand that the Government stay committed to raising the super contribution rate from 9.5% to 12% next year.

The two Labor men argue that the raised rate of super will effectively serve as a pay rise for plenty of people who haven’t had one for nearly a decade, while people on the other side of politics claim it will rob people of a pay rise.

Anthony Albanese has been relatively quiet on the issue, seemingly not that bothered about jumping on the press garnered by two former PM’s coordinating the attack on the government.

While it’s not yet known if he’ll pipe up, Morrison has pretty much put the issue to bed by confirming that people need to be the masters of their own destiny.

“Get off the pity potty and get born into a better family if you are worried about living on the pension,” said Scomo.

“Don’t expect large companies who make huge amounts of money off your labour to give you a bit more.”


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