Scott Morrison has admitted today that he didn’t expect his sit down with Tracy Grimshaw to go quite like that.

With the stinging criticism about the government’s leadership on gender issues continuing, the nation’s Head of Marketing decided to face the music and do an interview with the bastion of Australian journalism – A Current Affair.

After turning down numerous requests to go on programs like 7:30, the Prime Minister fronted up to Tracy last night, seemingly under the impression she was going to go easy on him.

However, given Tracy’s made a career of chasing dodgy tradies, con artists, quack doctors and insurance fraudsters it seems Scotty may have made a misstep by thinking he could just spurt some stuff being a good bloke and doing better without actually making any concrete commitments.

“She really gave me the welfare cheat treatment,” sighed Scott Morrison in a phone call with The Advocate this morning.

“I kind of thought it would be a 5-10 segment where they get me to drink a beer and answer a couple of tough questions.”

“But, she grilled me for 30 minutes and didn’t seem to take too kindly to my deflections – like me saying that I wasn’t aware of the issues women face until I was formally notified in the media about the mishandling of sexual assault allegations”

“I tried to throw a few inflammatory jabs about China in there but they cut them out,” said the man who decided to go on a program that a huge amount of working class people actually watch.

“Ah well, I guess she’s used to get shit thrown at her by people outside of court and the hosed turned on her by angry neighbours in a dispute about some pets, so she’s happy handling a highly paid public servant trying to waffle through some serious issues.”


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