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James Packer has encountered a small speed bump in opening Crown’s new casino in Sydney this week after the NSW Government inquiry into the resort company found it was ‘unfit’ to operate in the state.

It’s only a small speedbump because James Packer, a key shareholder in Crown Resorts Pty Ltd, has called in a favour from his father’s old foe, Rupert Murdoch.

As the de facto President of the Republic of Australia, Rupert Murdoch has the ability to sign executive orders that overrule any Liberal Party policy decision.

This morning, the NSW Berejiklian Government has backed the inquiries findings, telling Crown they ‘have a long way to go’ if they want to operate a casino in New South Wales.

Which is why Packer picked up the phone this morning.

“I need a favour, Rupe,” said Packer.

“Can you do something about it? Can we put that Baird back? He did what he was told. It feels like we’ve got more control over Daniel Andrews than this New South mob. So what do you reckon we can do?”

Rupert sighed.

“Alright, James. We can work something out. Equity maybe. We’ll discuss that later. I can put the bricks on Gladys, no problem. I can put the bricks on The Star, too, if you want,”

“Look, James. I respected your father and I think he would’ve helped out my James or Lachie if I were dead in the ground. We’ll get this casino open, this is just a minor setback.”

The Advocate reached out to the NSW Government for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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