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As the LGBTQI community rush to put the finishing touches on their floats and costumes, one undercover policeman is doing all he can to resist his transformation.

David Peaderson has been enjoying his undercover life, where his uniform consists largely of camouflage cargo shorts and generic polo shirts.

However, this Saturday he’s being thrust into the spotlight, not only by being front and centre of the police parade, but also by swapping his camo cargo shorts for a naughty little set of police inspired chaps.

The Advocate caught up with David shortly after his final chaps fitting to see how he was feeling about the whole thing.

“Ah, yeah, it’s not really my cup of tea”

“I’m not even gay, but for some reason they are making the undercovers march with the float”

“Which doesn’t make sense, but I guess they think it’ll give us a good vantage point for watching 70,000 people doing MDMA”

David’s being a good sport though, voicing his unequivocal support for the LGBTQI community.

“I never wanted to go this deep. But it’s for the greater good”

“I must protect and serve, even the gays”

“I just wish I didn’t have to get my arse out to do it”

“I blame The Village People. God damn them for making policemen so god damn sexy.”



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