Females who enjoy dancing to electronic music in nightclubs around Australia are today rattled by revelations that they have been partying alongside degenerate sex pests.

This comes as a recent report by The Betoota Advocate has found that anyone who decided to work full time as club promoters and non-touring electronic dance musicians after the ages the of 25 are the type of people most likely to say “Where’s my hug?” to female friends at house parties.

Promoters have also been found to feel somewhat entitled to some sort of sexual favours after managing to get chicks inside their shithouse club nights without having to pay $8 dollars, while standing out the front with a Peter Stuvvesant over their ears and pretending that the bouncers like their company.

A groundbreaking story by the ABC has today found that people who were losers in high school and became popular through a social media rebrand that implies they are important music industry people, might actually be creeps.

Australian dance musicians and insiders have been implicated in a secret Facebook group where they shared sexually explicit photos and videos of women without their consent, according to the ABC report.

The ABC has spoken to former members of the secret, male-only group called Tracks and Snatch, which existed for about four years before being shut down. The group has been described as a who’s-who of dance musicians and industry insiders.

Females across the country say they are shocked and even confused by the idea that industry losers think that they are above the commonly accepted standards of human decency.

“What?” asks Sammie, a 19-year-old Betoota girl living in Brisbane, who likes enjoy the nightlife.

“No wonder his friends all started texting me after I gave in to his aggressive requests to send him nudes”

“I could have sworn the 3am DMs and unnecessary lower back grazes were coming from a good place. I can’t believe these revelations”





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