Mixologist Rhiannon Burger (33) proved her ability as a maker of drinks today by immediately reaching for the Midori as soon as a group of 18 year old boys entered the pub.

Officially marketed as a melon infused liqueur, Midori is best known as a drink that can only be enjoyed by people at an age that starts with the number 1. 

A verteran mixologist, Burger knew as soon as the group of six 18 year old boys entered The Betoota Railway Hotel that she would be pouring a cup of green adult lemonade for each of them.

“They were all wearing ironed collared shirts for starters, I mean, clearly they think they’ve grown up but I could tell the taste of beer is still a massive hurdle for them,” stated Burger as she began pouring the second round of drinks that are sure to send the group of lads a little loopy.

“One by one they each paid with their mum’s debit card before daring each other to put a $2 coin in the pokies.”

According to Midori-Boy group member Roy Buchannon (18), Burger hit the nail on the head when it came to serving him a drink that would get him tipsy without making him whimper with each sip.

“It’s the best drink but, this is my drink, I’m gonna drink it as an old man!”


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