The extended stage 4 lock down in Melbourne is now causing big problems for the state’s Liberal party MPs who have not been able to sit down for a long lunch with alleged organised crime figures for over 5 months now.

Former Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy says Melbourne will no longer be the restaurant and culture capital of Australia after the next weeks of lockdown – because it is hard to have a bustling nightlife when you have a Labor Premier who is taking a ‘lets try and stop people from catching coronavirus’ approach to the current pandemic.

At midday yesterday, Dan Andrew announced tentative dates for the easing of restrictions, should new case numbers remain low.

Melbourne metropolitan area will continue with its stage four lockdowns until at least September 28.

“Melbourne is supposedly the restaurant and culture capital of Australia, that’s going to end in the next few weeks,” Mr Guy said last night, while appearing on some low breed culture wars Sky News programme

“We have a roadmap that is a dead end.”

“He also didn’t give any timeline on when people in my party can go back out for lunch with organised crime figures, where they can discuss the branch stacking and discreet third-party donations required to see us lose to a charisma vacuum for two state elections in a row”

Guy says that if Daniel Andrews doesn’t change his approach, he might get voted out – but could not confirm this would be the case because his own party is still suffering a severe existential crisis stemming from how badly he lost as opposition leader in the 2018 state election.

“Today should have been a plan for the premier to give us hope, to give us a light at the end of the tunnel that we’re getting on top of this thing and businesses have a chance to recover”

“Victorians want to believe that this virus isn’t that big of a deal, and he’s not letting them believe that”

“Victorians want to eat crustaceans and oyster mornay with colourful racing identities in full view of the media and general public”

“He is denying us these basic human rights!”


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