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A French Quarter man turned up to some hump day cold ones yesterday afternoon down at Searsons on Magget Street wearing the same shirt one of his mate’s uncles wore to Christmas Lunch.

“Nice shirt, mate,” said Greg Doremen, an inner-city professional who doesn’t follow politics, just sport, he says.

He said that to his good mate Michael Smith, who immediately knew Greg didn’t think he was wearing a nice shirt.

“What’s wrong with it?” asked Michael.

Greg cough laughed into his beer.

“Nah mate, it’s a mad shirt,” said Greg.

“My uncle Frisbee wore the same one to Christmas.”

Frisbee Doreman changed his name from Allen to Frisbee via deed poll in 1986. He never told anyone why and most of his family refuse to call him by his chosen name.

In 2005, Frisbee shot to local fame punching former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman in the back of the head in a late-night altercation in the French Quarter. Newman then beat Frisbee into unconsciousness with a pepper grinder he found on an outdoor table in front of the Lord Betoota Hotel.

Since then, Frisbee has been largely ostracised by the wider Betoota community.

“Oh fuck,” said Michael.

“Frisbee has this shirt?”

Greg laughed again and said ‘yeah’.

“Fuck, my Mum got me this for Christmas. I have to wear it.”

Michael then ran his fingers through his hair and sighed dramatically.

“Fucken Firsbee Doreman. Fucks sake.”

More to come.


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