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A would-be thief has been arrested minutes after holding up an armoured vehicle on Wednesday after failing to wear any form of facial disguise. 

Costas Villegas, 27, was one of a gang of three men who overpowered the two security guards as they collected the week’s takings from the ShiftiBank at Byron Bay.

Two of the men have yet to be identified, although as Costas refused to wear a mask, he was immediately recognised by a teller as the same man who had opened up an account two weeks earlier, in what police believe was a reconnaissance mission.

 “At this stage it looks like we’re dealing with an anti-masker.” explained Senior Detective Craig Jessup.

“The other members of the gang were wearing stockings over their faces but it seems this one has this fear of face coverings that is outweighing his need for discretion, as it were. We currently don’t have a lead on the other two members, or the stolen money, but our investigations are continuing”.

“Masks are dangerous, man” said Villegas, when interviewed through the vent in the back of a divvy van.

“They cut off oxygen to your brain and stuff. I saw this thing on the internet where this legit doctor said they were bad, and they can even suffocate you. Hey, I take risks but I’m not that stupid”. 

Surprisingly, Senior Detective Jessup has commended Villegas’ position on mask-aversion and offered his own support.

“Masks can actually be quite deadly when the wearer is engaged in physically-exerting activities such as running whilst carrying heavy items, such as money. I strongly recommend that all criminals take precautions such as removing any face coverings or disguises when committing a crime so they don’t suffocate.”

“I understand this also helps to release toxins and align your energy fields, which is important. We actually have some very helpful information at the station, so if anybody out there is considering committing some form of illegal activity, come down and tell us all about it and we’ll help make sure you’re safe”. 

However, not everyone is convinced the offer is genuine. “Dunno man, seems a bit sus to me”, said the divvy van vent.

“What if it’s some sort of a trick to get people to dob themselves in? I’m not falling for that shit. And if the filth thinks I’m gonna roll over on Erickson and Higgins they’re dreaming, mate”.  


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