Channel 9 Commentator and former Rugby League great Darren Lockyer has pulled off an incredible display of multi-tasking, it can be revealed this morning.

In between standing next to the other Maroon dress shirts and interview players after Game 3, the former Bronco revealed he actually smoked the perfect brisket as well.

“Yeah, I brought the pit on the back of the Raptor down here, and then just set it up at the back of Robina Stadium,” explained Lockyer.

“Fired it up and chucked some brisket and ribs on earlier in the night, and just quickly ducked off to check on it in between Maroons tries,” laughed the black glove-clad man who man thought may have been trying to emulate Christian Bale.

“Loved the 20-18 nailbiting victory too, so I decided to bring in some ribs and potato tots for the boys.”

“Shame they couldn’t score any points in the previous two games, but it is what it is I guess.”

“Great to see Kayln back out there doing his thing though.”

Lockyer explained that initially Channel 9 expressed their disapproval of the smoking setup, but given his standing in the game eventually had to cave.

“The producer wasn’t happy when I handed him a greasy mic covered in BBQ sauce and oil”

“Worth it for the perfect bit of meat though.”

“Trick’s all on the amount of spray you use I reckon.”


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