Aside from meeting the parents, the one big pivotal moment for a burgeoning relationship is meeting the friends.

This is often the clincher for most new couples, as any kind of disapproval from the mates can quickly have someone rethinking their relationship or suddenly seeing flaws they’d missed i.e the glass shattering effect.

Or for local woman Ali Shaw, it can have her coming to a crushing realisation that she’d chosen the least attractive one out of the entire friendship.

A friendship group that appears to be made up of every boy band archetype possible, including a brooding, mysterious bad boy, a wholesome, loveable golden retriever type and the cheeky, affable lad that can charm your socks off – leaving her with the Chris Kirkpatrick one.

It’s said that Ali had met the group of good looking blokes at a friendly BBQ, and had been so shocked by the collective gene lottery that she’d been momentarily unable to speak.

This, in turn, led to her immediately convening to the girl’s group chat to voice her musings on whether it’s ever socially acceptable to screw the crew and learning that yes, it is too late to pick again.

More to come.


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