A new report has been released today revealing, how people react to losing their grip on the Prime Ministership of this country.

Compiled by the South Betoota Polytechnic’s Political Studies Faculty, the report revealed an astounding link between gender and the ability to leave public office to carry on your life with dignity.

It found a direct correlation between fragile male ego’s (often belonging to narcissistic attention seekers) and the need to continue to talk shit in the media and ‘maintain relevance.’

“What we have found, is that a female Prime Minister is far more likely to step aside after the Prime Ministership and get on with her life without having to sling mud ever few months to try and get some attention,” explained the lead researcher Lisa Bickmore.

“Take Julia Gillard for example, who after being rolled by Kevin following a relentless media campaign feeding off latent, and blatant misogynism, managed to step down gracefully and continue trying to improve her country and the world, without having her ego stroked.”

“She is the Chair of Beyond Blue, The Global Partnership For Education and The Global Institute For Women’s Leadership. She’s working around the clock on the issue of mental health in this country, education for disadvantaged children around the world, and empowering women to step in leadership roles.”

“And, she manages to do it all without coming out and talking shit about Kevin, or anyone else really.”

Bickmore then pointed to our fragile former male Prime Ministers from the last couple of decades.

“Then you have a look at the boys. Kevin can’t help himself now, let alone after he got booted when he spent every waking day plotting revenge.”

“Tony, well need I say much on that. He got rolled and then spent years agitating on the backbench causing as much of a scene as he could.”

“Malcolm, at least he left, but he still can’t go a few months without thinking he’s opinion is still as important as the sitting Prime Ministers.”

“So in summary, our 54-page report concludes that there is a direct link between male hubris and being able to leave the Prime Ministership with dignity and grace”


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