A Betoota Heights man has caused his mates to shake their heads, after a questionable financial decision this afternoon. 

Sam Hensen (28) did so when he decided to purchase a bunch of new fishing shit for a group trip away, and dumped it straight on some high-interest credit card he signed up to years ago. 

“Yeah just these bad boys,” he laughed to the cashier, tracking well to rack up his usual hundred dollars or so a month in interest repayments that some bank probably uses to finance coal powered power stations or something. 

“On the CC, what do you do aye?” said the man seemingly unaware that he could use something like AfterPay to buy something without paying interest out the arse.

“All set for the weekend fellas,” he said walking out of the shop, blissfully unaware that a decade had passed since it was necessary to put retail purchases on credit cards. 

“Why are you putting shit on the 18% plastic,” asked the most offensive one of his mates who never shies away from uncomfortable conversations. 

The happily employed engineer who earns way too much money to be getting out the credit card in the first place, explained that that’s just what he’s always done. 

“That’s living Barry,” he laughed, referencing the popular ad for the BCF store he just walked out of. 

With a couple of mates laughing, Sam seemingly had his mind blown after being told that there are better ways to pay. 

“Big fella, you can buy stuff now and pay for it later without having to pay fuckloads of interest,” explained his friend. 

“Pay with AfterPay. It’s cheaper and much harder to do your arse financially than a credit card.”

“You’re trying to buy a house, mate. One missed credit card payment can put you at the back of the home ownership queue. Back with the children of poor people,”

“Use your brain, mate. Cut that fucking thing up.”

More to come.  


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