A SMALL TOWN junior rugby league club in western NSW has outlawed an “anti-social” hairstyle after police established a link between the haircut and repeated violence at matches.

At 7:45 pm (AEST) last night, a brawl broke out during a friendly training match between North and South Cowra – which police allege was instigated by a 44-year-old woman sporting a “townie two-tone” bob.

The violence started when the son of the woman began hurling abuse at a referee after her son was sent off for striking and spitting on an opposing player – which sparked a punching match between the two teams.

However, it seems that it wasn’t enough retribution for the woman, who proceeded to remove her hoop earrings and necklace before joining in the teenage melee.

This incident is the latest in a string of “townie two-tone” related acts of violence, which has prompted Cowra Magpies Rugby League to ban the hairstyle from all future fixtures.

Guidelines were posted to the club’s Facebook page about what is now deemed “an appropriate hairstyle” but was quickly taken town after an initial backlash.


An example of the now outlawed “townie two-tone”. SOURCE: Supplied.

Kaycee Stacks is the assistant manager of Wing Hing Peking Chinese Restaurant on Cowra’s main street and her son is “the star” of the town’s junior rugby league team.

“I think it’s f**king bulls**t,” said Mrs Stacks.

“Who the f**k can tell me how to have my hair?”

“F**k ’em!” she said.

Mrs Stack’s sentiments were echoed by her stepbrother’s cousin, Darcy Blackall – who is also employed within Cowra’s Chinese food industry.

“Australia is turning into a nanny-state,” said Mr Blackall.

“Mate, it’s not on. When I was that age, I was punching c**ts in the head all the time,”

“A hairstyle has nothing to do with how a person acts – it’s all f**ked.”

Much to the chagrin of the dyed-hair elite, other members of the Cowra community are supportive of the new hairstyle measures.

Farmer Sterling MacCallion of “Eucaronage” near Wyangala, said the move by the Magpies was a long time coming.


The "townie two-tone" has long been associated with instigating and participating in on-feild violence. SOURCE: National Archives
The “townie two-tone” (circled) has long been associated with instigating and participating in on-field violence.  SOURCE: National Archives

“People reckon it’s the blokes that get up to mischief at footy games,” said Mr MacCallion.

“But I’ll tell you what. It’s those god-awful women with those “short bob highlight” haircuts that you’ve got to look out for,”

“One of those mad cows called my wife a c**t in the Woolworths car park the other day because she though my wife stole her park,”

“This used to be such a nice little town.”

A reporter from The Cowra Guardian spoke briefly with The Advocate this morning, who suggested that “this was brewing for a long time” and the thing was “about settling old scores”.

The town is divided by the Mid-Western Highway (Kendall St) – which sets the scene for some fierce rivalries and bitter, unfounded hatred toward each other.

The first incident in Cowra involving a “townie two-tone” was in 1975 at Edgell Park, home of the town’s many sporting teams.

Since then, the haircut has been synonymous with foul verbal outbursts and brutal coward punches.

In 2012, a 44-year-old North Cowra woman was charged with grievous bodily harm and common assault after she bit a finger off a 19-year-old fullback from a rival town during an all-in-brawl.

The Parkes Spacemen player ended up losing the finger and settled out of court with the woman for an undisclosed amount.

With additional reporting from AAP



  1. You silly people need to grow up – hairstyles do not make a person good or bad – get over it. Fix the problem properly – don’t make some lame-ass excuse of a hairstyle causing the problem. This kind of thing makes you just as stupid as the abusive woman. Give her a fine for bad language or ban her from the games. DER!

  2. Banning a hair colour isn’t going to solve anything, that’s a ridiculous idea. The same offenders are only going to dye their hair a different colour and this be there causing problems.

  3. Why pick on us? Just because Cowra is busy digging up its main street (and thereby further separating North and South) is no reason. Jealousy will get you nowhere.

    Bet if anyone lived in your town there would be worse hairstyles and more fights. Even if only 2 people lived there.

    But you are welcome to poach our Cowra Guardian reporter. Won’t do much for the accuracy of your reporting though.

  4. In sympathy for the Southside Ho’s in our fucked up town I asked my local hairdresser for a two tone bob like the ones that the footy sluts cut around in. I was just visiting Cowra and didn’t understand the Highway Politics. My hair and makeup artist kicked me in the pussy and called me a Southside Cunt. I punched her in the face, but a bit softer than I usually punch my daughter. Y’know, just a “lesson” punch. I went light on her last year when she was pregnant. Until I didnt want to be a grandmother. Anyway I channeled my rage and only firebombed her shitty little yaris. i’m coming back from Condo soon

  5. Thats a lovely hairstyle..too bad the woman wearing it has such a potty mouth.. Seriously WTF is banning a hairstyle going to achieve?? Get real and fix the problem.


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