As the clock strikes half-time on the third match of the 2017 Bledisloe Cup between New Zealand and Australia, the neck and neck score is just as exciting as the new and improved Indigenous-themed jerseys, according to John Howard.

The jersey, which was designed by Sydney artist Dennis Golding, outlines fourteen symbols on that serve to commemorate the communities of Australia’s 14 Indigenous Wallabies – Cecil Ramalli, Lloyd McDermott, Mark, Glen and Gary Ella, Lloyd Walker, Andrew Walker, Jim Williams, Wendell Sailor, Timana Tahu, Anthony and Saia Faingaa, Beale and Matt Hodgson.

Beale said the jersey would be a symbol for all Australians – indigenous and non-indigenous – will be able to wear this jersey and embrace what it represents, so I think it’s a really important step towards reconciliation,” he said.

The former Prime Minister and long time champion of Aboriginal Australia says that he reckons Kurtley and the lads are looking fucking deadly with the Murri flag on their sleeve tonight.

“Not bad lookin’ this mob” he says to his wife, Janelle Howard.

“True ay” says Janelle, before making a crack that the Wallabies jersey’s tonight are almost as black as their opposition’s.

“Look at the design. It’s so deadly”

Mr Howard agrees laughs at his wife’s joke while poking his tongue out, before checking the ARU online store for a replica.

“Too fucking deadly”

Tonight’s clash in Brisbane which kicked off at 8pm AEDT, is Australia’s first at home against New Zealand since they were blown away 40-6 in the first half of an embarrassing series opening 54-34 loss in August.

The boys are looking good with only one point between them at half-time, more to come.



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