With the debate around gender quotas in politics firing up around Canberra and the country this week, one young man has come out to shut the whole issue down.

“Quotas don’t work,” said Josh Silver-Spoon who is a member of a party with a 25% representation of female MPs across state and Federal Parliament, and a Federal cabinet where 6 of the 22 members are women.

“Jobs should be awarded to people on merit,” explained the highly paid employee at some Canberra consultancy firm run by his old man’s mate.

His comments come after growing calls for quotas to be imposed in the Liberal and National Party to try and address some of the structural issues plaguing the right side of Federal politics.

The Prime Minister this week said he was open to the idea of quotas, something which plenty of blokes in his party aren’t particularly impressed with and hope is just a throwaway marketing line.

“Roles in politics and the real world should go to the person who is most deserving,” said the aspiring candidate for a party that gives the nod to people like failed furniture salesman Craig Kelly.

“Trying to just give jobs to someone based on their gender doesn’t solve anything.”

“I know it fits the woke agenda of the day, but it’s not fair,” continued the man who seems to think everyone is afforded the opportunity to take highly paid powerful roles in their chosen industry after graduating from an elite private and sandstone uni after decades of financial support from their parents.

“Politics should be democratic, that’s the system we live in, and white guys like me who come from the same backgrounds are representative of the nation, even if 50% of the population are vastly underrepresented.”

“So despite the fact we have failed at getting a more fair representation in our party, trust us to sort this thing out without being forced to.”



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