Israel Folau is on the way out of the country.

The Betoota Advocate can exclusively reveal that tri-code footballing superstar Israel Folau has just stepped off a flight in London hours ago.

Folau told our reporters at the airport that he is moving over to London because he, like Yassmin Abdel Magied, believes that his freedom of speech has been infringed and is getting hounded out of the country.

It marks yet another example of high profile migrant figures enduring a character assasination over social media for carrying personal views quite often spouted by many federal politicians.

Only just recovering from the backlash from her ANZAC Day tweets that insinuated that war was bad, recent expat Abdel Magied has offered Folau a room in her London hideaway.

“I have had enough. I am going to play for some second tier English side and get twice as many wins and twice as many dollar” said the bible bashing professional footballer.

“Yassmin reached out to me and said I could come and stay with her in London, out of the harmful reach of this country’s media.”

“If a high profile footy player, whose wages are significantly made up of sponsorship dollars, can’t publicly say something about a section of society burning in the afterlife, then what can you say in this country,” Folau explained.


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