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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has expressed his stress and frustrations at the state leaders this morning after they all fronted media to say it was Scott’s fault the Pangolin’s Wrath is back in the community ruining weddings again.

Speaking to the media this morning via video link, the PM came out on the offensive.

“I feel like a bloke coming home from work at the end of the day,” he told The Advocate.

“A day of hard work. Doing my best to provide for the wider Australian family and all I get when I get in the door is shit. Why isn’t this done? Why haven’t you done this? You’re letting everyone down! Blah! Blah! Blah! Honestly, these bloody state and territory leaders, these stay at home wives of Australia, just love nagging me. I’m the bread-winner here. I actually go out an earn these jabs, I make sure we have enough to go around and when there’s not, the wife rouses on me like I’m some fucking dry drunk coming home with pocket change!”

“Tell you what, I’ve had a gut full. It’s furphy! Furphy! Furphy! Furphy! Listen to me, cobber. It’s fucked. It’s not just the women, either. You’ve got “blokes” like Daniel Andrews and Marky with the good hair over in the West giving me shit. So too that freak from South Australia. It’s gone on long enough,”

“I don’t know how those polygamists do it.”

The PM then explained he wouldn’t take any further questions on anything except the British & Irish Lions game against Japan a few days ago.

More to come.


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