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A local high schooler has told his English teacher this afternoon that his cardiologist has advised him not to complete any stressful homework this week.

Brody Campbell, a year 10 student at Green Road Public High School in the Old City, said he was feeling a bit under the weather and wanted to get himself checked out.

“Turns out, my heart is a big, ah, I wouldn’t say weak or broken, it just needs a bit of a rest. That’s what my cardiologist said,” he told teacher Lionel Dawson.

“He also said I shouldn’t be doing any of this homework, sir. Surely Bryce Courtenay can wait another week or two. I think it’s an omen, sir. The Power of One being the current state of my heart now. I think only one ventricle is working,”

“I hope you understand. Please direct my homework to Jayden, he can do it for me.”

When asked if it worked by our reporter, Brody said it didn’t.

“I got written up for that. I’ve got a detention,” he said.

“Mr Dawson is such a humorless old bastard.”

More to come.


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