Peter Dutton has continued today’s humanitarian streak by announcing the creation of a new, more humane offshore detention centre.

The Home Affairs Minister has decided to act on the unfolding humanitarian crisis in South Africa by establishing an offshore processing centre on Hamilton Island that won’t confine people to squalid conditions like the other, browner centres.

Mr Dutton said earlier today that white farmers facing violence in South Africa “deserve special attention” from Australia.

“I am sympathetic to refugees. White refugees whose views on the world align very much mine. White refugees who can bring with them the same race science that I carry myself” he laughed to one of our reporters today.

“So that’s why I am creating a processing centre where people, can live like humans, not animals you know. A place where people’s human rights aren’t systematically violated on a daily basis.”

Dutton said that unlike, the 100’s of 1000’s of people who have died in Syria, or the Rohingya refugees currently being slaughtered in Myanmar, or the various number of other political persecutions happening right now around the world, the South African situation, where over 400 people have been reportedly killed in the last 12 months is now priority number one.

Despite the fact that the Australian Cricket team and Super Rugby sides are still currently touring in the Republic, Dutton said the situation is at crisis point.

“We hope the centre will be established within the next couple of months to except the first few waves of yacht people”


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