As the nation wakes to another sunny Friday, it can be confirmed that Facebook is still holding strong on its commitment to ban all news from its platform in Australia.

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While the multinational tech company has given a slight inch and allowed pages like the BOM to get back in the newsfeed, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly told Treasurer Josh Frydenberg that he will be sticking to his digital guns.

The pair spoke this morning, about the government’s media code, which has left a bunch of independent media publishers who didn’t get any coin from Google out in the dark, with Facebook now also turning them off.

In the conversation, Zuckerberg reportedly told our Treasurer that surprisingly, he’s not just going to fold for a remote island nation that makes up the traffic of a US state.

“Mate,” he said in that weird way Americans do when they are trying to talk to Australians.

“I’ve stared down the barrel of enquires in the United States, and faced all sorts of scandals. You think I’m going to roll over and just do what a slightly larger New Zealand tells me too?”

“I don’t bow to Rupert.”

“I know you have an over-inflated sense of geopolitical relevance with these sorts of things, but you really aren’t that significant.”

“Besides, my company is a powerful digital beast driven by profit and the motivation to consume the attention of every citizen on the globe,” said the owner spurred by theat special, unique power-hunger that people in positions like his get.

“And I’m not risking setting the precedent that I can be told what to do by people like you.”

Josh Frydneberg then displayed his tactful negotiation and said he won’t change the code.

More to come.


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