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A family group chat has been sent into meltdown this afternoon, after a rogue aunt took it upon herself to release hundreds of amateur photos of her niece’s wedding before the official photos were uploaded.

Considered one of the biggest faux pas, short of rocking up in a white dress, it’s crucial that a bride should be given the opportunity to post her professional photos first, especially as they no doubt cost thousands of dollars. That, and being the first one off the ranks also ensures you get the most likes and comments, which is partly the reason why wedding photos are uploaded on social media – and also letting all your former classmates know that you’ve officially reached a key adult milestone.

Despite this very exact topic being mentioned in the family group chat a couple of weeks ago, aunt Joan has decided to ignore all warnings and upload a bunch of photos for the extended family network to see, within hours of the wedding – earning the ire of the 15 strong family group chat.

“Joan can you pls take the wedding photos down, we agreed not to post them until Georgia did!”, says the mum of the bride.

Georgia’s sister Maddy is less tactile.


Though a few other members jumped in, Joan is said to have acted like the typical troublesome aunt, and stoutly refused to remove them.

“I took them on my camera so I have every right to post them. I really don’t see what’s wrong with that?”

“They’ve been up for an hour anyway, it’s not a big deal.”

More to come.


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