An excited year 10 science teacher at Betoota High School, has been unable to hide his excitement surrounding this weekend’s State of Origin matches.

Halfway through the lesson Mr Joye noticed an unruly vibe in his classroom.

“Oi!” he shouted at the class, as his pupils became noticeably off-task

“What’s going on?”

Without much need for any further interrogation, one of his pupils offered up that there was a New South Wales-born student in the front row.

“What! Seriously?” he laughed.

“Evan, are you from New South Wales?”

“I could have guessed that! I bet you go for Parra!”

With the class now breaking into laughter, the former Channel Country Rugby League referee is feeling flattered at the response to his pre-game banter. He decides to bond further with the class.

“What’s everyone doing for the matches this weekend?”

“Is there anyone not watching the match tonight?

Within minutes Mr Joye had switched off the school video about stimuli and reaction in nature, and whipped out one of his most veiwed Origin videos of all time.

“Has anyone seen this? You lot were probably too young” he asks, as he clicks fullscreen on the iconic 1995 State Of Origin ‘Queenslander fight’.

“Fuck me look at Hopa and Sing going at”

The class sits in shock.

“Fuck me I always hated that Cheif cunt, but he sure knows how to dip”

“Look at Billy Moore the cunt, he’s fucked [laughter]”

With 30 minutes remaining in the lesson, Mr Joye’s students are desperately trying to steer him back to the curriculum, as the father-of-three appears to be losing his mind.


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