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Be careful who you throw food dye on next year at Deni because it could be one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in the world.

Elon Musk is committed but unable to confirm that he will attend the 2021 Deniliquin Ute Muster with his new Cyber Truck – or Cyber Ute as he’s calling it.

Nearly 200 000 people have placed a refundable AUD$150 deposit down to secure their own Cybertruck when it hits the market sometime over the next five years.

Just over ten thousand of them are in Australia.

Mr Musk spoke briefly to The Advocate‘s motoring journalist, Holden Commofield, about how he’s going to launch the world’s first all-electric light commercial vehicle in Australia.

“I’m committed to taking the Cybertruck, or as you guys will call it, the CyberUte, to the Deniliquin,” he said.

“Am I saying that right?”

He wasn’t but or reported just kept nodding for some reason.

“To the Deniliquin Ute Muster next year. It should be great. I can’t wait. It’s so great how Australians have such an affinity with the ute slash truck product. Watch this space!”

However, some of the more traditional Deni ute devotees aren’t exactly thrilled at the news.

A local man, who attends the Muster each year in his WB, said that Musk won’t be as welcome as he thinks he will be down in the Riverina.

Dale Poncho, who works in some capacity, said the electric ute isn’t a real ute and therefore won’t be allowed to enter in any events.

“A Proton Jumbuck would be more welcome at Deni,” he said.

“This Cyber shit isn’t a real ute. At least a Jumbuck burns petrol. The Malaysian billycart had to earn its place at Deni. If Elon thinks he can just come in here and do what he wants, he’s got another thing coming.

Our reporter asked Elon what he thought of the muted reaction from certain members of the ute mustering community like Mr Poncho, Mr Musk said they can go and die.

More to come.


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