Federal Immigration Minister and former Brisbane copper, Peter Dutton is under fire today, after Illawarra locals called him out for ‘plagiarising’ his new has asylum seeker policy which would see refugees deported if they don’t apply for a temporary protection visa by October.

Local Wollongong ute-owner, Ryghleigh Hanson says the Dutton’s policy is a little too similar to his bumper sticker for comfort.
“These politicians are such shit-talkers mate” he says

“They don’t mean a thing they say. I was the first to say we should tell them to fuck off and now he’s acting like it’s his thing”

Peter Dutton was today questioned by Guardian reporters as to when he last visited the NSW south coast, and if his new asylum seeker policy was in any way inspired by, or copied from, the back of Rygleigh’s ute.

“Absolute nonsense” he said.

“I came up with these populist, ill-thought-out and and easily-disposable ideas myself!”

Dutton on Sunday announced a “non-negotiable” October 1 deadline for about 7500 asylum seekers to learn English, find out where the fuck the immigration office is without access to the internet, get their head around the highly bureaucratic culture of government agencies and submit their claims for protection, or face deportation.

He says some asylum seekers are not submitting their paperwork and don’t deserve to keep getting welfare, because it is a drain on the tax payer. Just like the Bondi boys that stole $160m from the tax office last week.


  1. That’s an awful insult to Wollongong. Dapto, Warrawong or Bellambi sure, but Wollongong itself is like a coastal Newtown now.
    Good to see you spell Ryghleigh right.


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