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In a Betoota Grove home an older dog maned Toby has had to hide under his family’s cubby house this afternoon after his K9 senses began tingling, alerting him that something very bad was about to happen.

Speaking with The Advocate’s Pet Clairvoyant, a visibly shaking Toby explained how scared he was at the prospect of having yet another wash.

“I just had one!”

“I felt like I was drowning, and that shampoo they use? It irritates my skin so much”

“Ever seen dogs run and rub on the ground after a bath? That’s because our skin is on fire and we’re trying to make it stop”

“I can’t go on living my life like this” said Toby who then rested his cute little head on his paws.

“Woof” he finished.

More to come.


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