While scrolling through the viewers of her latest Instagram story, Tanya Nitschke noticed something quite peculiar about one of the viewers.

An account of an adopted Labrador cross Jack Russell that Tanya used to follow had watched her story, under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be that surprising. But, it is odd now because Terry, the Labrussell, is in fact dead.

The plot thickens with Tanya’s story as the Labrussell’s owner is Tanya’s ex-boyfriend, Kyle.

“You see what he’s doing here? He’s using poor, dead Terry’s Instagram to spy on me!”

“Look, it doesn’t say that Kyle has watched the story, but Terry sure has”

“What a coward, hiding behind his dead dog”

People hiding behind other accounts to stalk or carry out their Instagram use is not limited to animal accounts, people often create fake profiles to troll others – often times for fun, but more often than not to cause harm. Being a Scorpio, Tanya was quick to start plotting a way to torment her ex through Instagram.

It’s believed she has drafted a thirsty content calendar which she plans on putting into action as soon as her gym opens.

More to come.


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