Chivalry has risen from the ashes like a phoenix as Betoota Heights dad Nick Strong (51) has promised to help his wife Diane with tonight’s dinner.

Noticing his wife cooked dinner for their family of six roughly 330 days of the year, and had just had a stressful day at work, Nick decided to bless his wife with the news that he would take care of dinner tonight.

“No worries darl, I’ll sort us out tonight, you won’t have to lift a finger,” stated Strong via text before asking where the pizza menu was.

“You right with Hawaiian?”

Returning home from her job as a nurse, Diane Strong noted dinner was not ready when she got home, where she states she saw her eldest child and husband arguing over who would pick up the pizza.

“Bloody hell dad, I’m in the middle of a mission,” stated eldest son Mark (17) who will likely be asked to pay board in the next couple of days.

“You ordered it, why can’t you pick it up?”

Sensing she could end the conflict by getting the damn pizza herself, Diane Strong stated she would pick bloody dinner up before being stopped by Nick. 

“No no it’s fine love I’ll do it, I’ll do it!” stated the father before turning back to his eldest son.

“Mate, please. For your mum. Please mate. Mum.”

At the time of writing unconfirmed sources state Diane Strong ended up getting the pizzas herself, but picked the best pieces of pepperoni off for herself in the car, as well as a couple of prawns in a call for retribution/cry for help.



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