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A committed pair of young professionals who’ve just purchased a home younger than them in our town’s depressing Heights district hope they’re the only one who want to hire a campervan and get lost in New Zealand in June.

Now that the borders are set to open between New Zealand and the Continent, Darcy Overell and Sarah Brickbrane have found the perfect cure for their wanderlust.

“We’ve never been to New Zealand,” said Darcy, who is the nephew of The Advocate’s Clancy Overell.

Sarah smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

“We hope to go in June, which is the low season so we hope nobody else wants to hire a campervan for nine days and drive all over.”

Darcy’s pikelet-sized Overell nipples were visible through his thin shirt. Our reporter wasn’t sure if it was just a cheap button up or sheer by design. Either way, it was distracting.

“Campervan is the only way to see New Zealand, we’ve been told. You could hire a car and go from town to town but you don’t get to see the real New Zealand,” they said together in unison.

“Now that we can go to New Zealand without having to sit in a hotel for two weeks while Bill Gates’ henchmen inject hormones into us to make us sterile while we sleep, we are more excited than ever,” said Darcy.

Sarah, once again, nodded enthusiastically.

“I’m originally from Adelaide so naturally I can’t wait to see the New Zealand equivalent, Palmerston North. That’s on our itinerary for sure.”

More to come.


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