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David “Capillary Clinton has never minded a beer.

As a semi-retired fitter and turner, the 64-year-old father of 3 doesn’t drink as much as he used to, but he certainly still drinks as consistently.

And after a lifetime of giving it a nudge, Roach has the nose and cheeks to prove it.

The Betoota Groves local confirmed that while he does now feel the cold in his body more than ever, he now feels it, particularly in his face.

With broken capillaries across his cheeks and nose, Roach’s rosy features are an indicator that he has had a good run, a testament to a life well lived.

Local Publican, Ben Robinson (42), told The Advocate that this time of the year really accentuates Capillary Clinton’s features.

“Yeah, I’ve poured more beers for Clinto than you’ve had hot dinners. Actually, probably many many more”

“He does look a bit ‘Rudolphy’ in the peak of winter, but so do most of the old codgers. It’s a tribute to the quality of life that they have had. I wouldn’t say they are alcoholics, just blokes who like a beer and the company of other locals down here at the Railway Hotel.”

Clinton told us that at his age he doesn’t really mind that he looks like he’s just gone for walk through Moscow in the middle of winter.

“The only problem is I can’t lie to my doctor about my alcohol consumption anymore. He takes one look at the little streaks across my face and knows I should be categorised as a heavy drinker” he said.

“Ah well.”


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